Aurora Retreat is an eco-tourism company above the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.  We arrange wilderness retreats and adventures along the River Kalix, about 90 kilometres southeast of Kiruna.  Genuine and environmentally sustainable experiences in tune with nature are what we are all about.

We offer wilderness experiences from late November to early April and during the months of June and September. Deep taiga forest, mighty untouched rivers, open sky, the magical arctic light, clean air and pure water are yours to experience in all seasons.  In the winter, pristine white snow and shimmering Northern Lights await you.  In June, life and energy bursts forth under the rays of the midnight sun.  In September, you can experience autumn colours, wildlife on the move, and the first Northern Lights displays of the year.

Parakka Wilderness Retreat Camp

Family on a Tailor Made Adventure

Stay a few nights or more at our wilderness camp at Parakka.  Deep in the woods away from all modern conveniences, you can get back to basics and connect with nature.  Away from all artificial lighting you are in the ideal location to see the Northern Lights.  During the day explore the surrounding wilderness or just relax by the fire indoors.  Your retreat will be hosted by a knowledgeable guide who will take care of practical details, answer any questions and help you get the most out of your stay.  

We also arrange tailor made and group retreat packages. Flexibility, knowledgabilty, and the desire to share with you our love of wild places help us to meet your unique needs.