Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Mikael Kangas, Owner, Manager and Guide

Mikael hosts most stays at Camp Three Rivers as well as organizing the practical aspects of our trips.  He was born and grew up right next to the Torne River and, aside from some world travels in early years, has spent much of his life exploring the nature of the region by canoe and kayak, cycle, foot and ski.  A man of diverse abilities with extensive local knowledge, he is our attentive and capable host at the camp. Since Aurora Retreat’s beginning in 2006 he has devoted every winter to helping guests from around the world discover the nature and culture of the Torne River Valley.


Maya Rao, Customer Contact

Maya takes care of most of the pre-trip contact with our guests as well as coordinating, planning and providing vision.  She will answer all your questions and help you plan the perfect trip. She is based in Junosuando but is originally from Canada.  Together with Mikael she founded Aurora Retreat in 2006.