Sustainability Practices

Aurora Retreat is committed to sustainability practices that maintain and restore the health of natural ecosystems, local economies and the well-being of our guests. Our hope is that visitors will leave us with a greater awareness of their interconnectedness with nature and their community. We strive to step more lightly on the earth, protect biodiversity, and conserve water and energy. We go about this by:

  • Elimination of waste through reusing, recycling and reducing consumption of material products

  • Providing our guests with healthy food, locally and organically grown whenever possible

  • Ensuring that we do not pollute any water source or water body

  • Reducing the consumption of and/or release of any substance that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, or the earth or its inhabitants

  • Conserving energy and making effort to increase energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources

  • Maintaining a leave-no-trace policy in all activities

  • Using our own energy for transportation as much as possible by walking, cycling, skiing or snowshoeing and using small vans and snowmobiles only when necessary to transport guests over longer distances

  • Cooperating with other local companies to provide genuine, small-scale activities and experiences

  • Informing our guests about and encouraging awareness and appreciation of the local environment and culture

  • Continually evaluating our progress towards sustainability